Overflowing sink requires Boulder drain cleaning servicesBoulder Drain Cleaning

In years past, our Boulder plumbers advertised mostly as drain clearing specialists. We had built a reputation for being the company you could call for any clog, no matter how bad. Using what used to be cutting-edge technology, we did in just a few minutes what others in our field struggled for hours to accomplish. We picked our specialty, poured our energy into it, and made a name for ourselves.

Skip the Liquid Drain Cleaner and Call a Qualified Boulder Plumber

The drain clearing secured us a solid customer base for a time, but then the commercial liquid drain cleaner market developed and our specialty was threatened. The chemical manufacturing giants put millions towards advertising on the radio, on TV, and on billboards, and the new products promised to get our job done in a matter of minutes with no experience. But some things are just too good to be true.

Homeowners were able to solve their own drain cleaning problems, sometimes, but some shrewd homeowners realized that their pipes were leaking more often and backing up more often. That's because many of the commercially-available liquid drain cleaners were just as good at corroding pipes as they were at breaking up clogs. More recently, homeowners have also Boulder drain cleaning technician uses a SeeSnake to spot a clogbegun to realize that there may be some environmental impact to pouring toxic chemicals down their drains, polluting their local waste water systems.

In the past few years, public awareness of the dangers of liquid drain cleaners has been raised to an all time high level. They are still on the shelves at hardware stores and  supermarkets, but homeowners and commercial landlords are encouraged to seek other solutions whenever possible. Less abrasive methods have become popular in recent history - ones using baking soda, salt, sugar, vinegar, or hot water in combination, but less abrasive can sometimes mean less effective overall.

Applied pressure will always be the most effective way to clear a drain. Applied pressure erosion, mechanical scraping systems, and pressure ejection systems have the highest effective rates, and, believe it or not, they're better for your pipes than many of the chemical alternatives. Call our Boulder plumbers at 303-536-5104 to learn more about our superior drain clearing methods.

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